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Fees and exemptions  

The university enrolment fees are annually set within May, but they approximately correspond to the following.

According to the chosen course of study and  the student’s economic situation, the annual fees vary from a minimum of about 156 Euros to a maximum of about 4,000 Euros, divided in two instalments:

• the first, corresponding to the minimum amount, is the same for all students and it is due at the moment of enrolment 
• the second, which is calculated on the basis of the student's economic situation, has to be paid by January.

Students resident abroad will pay by credit card; if living in Italy they can choose either credit card or MAV (bank form).

Please consult the pages of this section for further details concerning the fees for the current academic year, the procedures and deadlines to obtain exemption from fees and contributions, reimbursements and scholarships.