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Single Course Application  

It is possible to attend one or more of the courses currently offered by the University, pass the final examinations and receive a regular certificate. Applications are assessed by specific Committee, when the course belongs to a degree programme with entrance examination.

Admission is open to:

  • Italian and foreign university students enrolled in foreign universities,
  • European and non-EU citizens interested in attending single courses for the purposes of broadening their cultural knowledge and improving their professional expertise (not more than 2 courses),
  • graduates who must pass additional examinations in order to take part in a public competitive examination or apply for admission to a specialisation school (not more than 4 courses).

Non-EU students who reside abroad must hand in their completed application form and supporting documents to the Italian Diplomatic Representation in their country of residence by the end August every year, for first semester courses, and by the end of December, for second semester courses.

EU students and non-EU students with a valid residence permit can hand in their completed application form to the International Students Office, from 15 July onwards every year (not after the beginning of the courses). 
Please note that school or academic qualifications, authenticated by your country’s competent authorities and translated into Italian by an official translator, and the Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco (Statement of Validity) issued by the Italian embassy or consulate in your country must be enclosed.

Enrolment fees for a single course amount to:

  • 180 euros for the first single course
  • 126 euros for every extra course

For single courses that are part of the online course in Computer System and Network Security (Sicurezza dei sistemi e delle reti informatiche-Crema) the enrolment fees amount to 300 euros for each course, up to a maximum of 2 courses.

The following are exempt from the payment of fees, but must nevertheless pay a fee of € 26 for administration costs:

  • foreign students who are involved in interuniversity programmes, or who are enrolled in universities with which specific agreements have been established
  • holders of scholarships from the Italian government
  • students with a disability recognized by law (art. 3, clause 1, Law n. 104/92)
  • students with a degree of disability of 66% or more