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Undergraduate Application  Apply to 1st cycle Bachelor or Single cycle degree programme

1. Entry requirements

Refer to the page How to apply for general requirements.


2. Programmes with admission test/selection

For undergraduate programmes, is necessary to apply for an admission test/selection: a few tests are selective and competitive (e.g. Medicine and Surgery, Veterinary Medicine, Health Professions), others are non selective, however mandatory, and aimed at assessing applicants knowledges in specific disciplinary fields. Other programmes select candidates on the basis of the high school performance. Check our course catalogue to have detailed information about your course.

It is very important to register to the test in time, following the instructions in the call for applications of each course.

In any case enrolment will not be possible if you do not take the test required.

How to present your application for the admission test/selection

All candidates are required to apply on line, following the procedure below:

  1. Register to UNIMI (if you are not yet registered to the portal)
  2. Log in to the Online Services (SIFA) and choose Admission
  3. Upload the required documents
  4. Pay the admission fee (30 Euro) using a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or the bollettino MAV printable at the end of the online admission procedure. The bollettino MAV can be paid at any bank in Italy.

Non-EU citizens resident abroad must contact the Italian embassy or consulate in their country of residence for the pre-application procedure.

Ranking lists are available from Online Services (SIFA), selecting Admission Ranking lists.



3. Enrolment

Candidates must enrol following these steps:

  1. log in to the Online Services (SIFA) and choose Enrolment
  2. enter the required details and upload a photo and an identity document (JPG, PNG, BMP max 2 Mb)
  3. pay the first instalment of the enrolment fee using a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or the payment slip (bollettino MAV) printable at the end of the enrolment procedure online. The MAV can be paid at any bank or post office in Italy

After the online enrolment, candidates with foreign qualifications must deliver the following documents (showing the original and lodging the copy) to the International Students Desk:

  • Upper secondary school diploma, translated into Italian, legalized by the authorities in the country where the qualification was issued and carrying a Dichiarazione di valore in loco or statement of validity issued by ENIC_NARIC centres or by diplomatic missions resident in Italy;
  • Certificate of enrolment at university with a list of the exams taken, or certificate of post-secondary education obtained in a non-university higher education Institute if the local education system provides less than 12 years of schooling;
  • Certificate of academic eligibility if provided for in the country of origin  (e.g. GAO KAO for China, Vestibular for Brazil, etc.);
  • Any other document stating specific requirements of validity of the title (e.g. Aps for the United States titles, A-level for British titles)
  • Passport/identity card
  • Italian taxcode (codice fiscale)

Verification of the validity of qualifications gained abroad is conducted on presentation of the official documents. Until then, applicants are admitted to the programme conditionally and may be excluded if they prove not to have the necessary qualifications.

Non-EU citizens residing abroad (who do not have an Italian residence permit) must submit a formal pre-application  to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence, by the annually established deadline.

Unless they want to apply for a programme entirely taught in English, they are required to pass an Italian language exam before the enrolment.
Read here for exemptions and further information about the competence in Italian.

In additon to the above mentioned documents non EU citizens resident abroad  have to hand in the following documents:

  • Form A
  • valid residence permit (permesso di soggiorno)