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Refund of fees and other costs  

Reimbursement of the previous year's enrolment fees and university contributions

This type of exemption is reserved for students who, from the time of enrolment, obtain their degree within the minimum period prescribed by the respective regulations.

This type of exemption can be claimed by students with a ISEEU of not more than € 20,000.00, who have completed their studies within the time limits prescribed by the respective regulations, without registering as an "irregular" (having exceeded the official time limit for studies) or "repeat" student, with a final mark of 110/110 (first class).

This type of exemption will not be granted to graduates who have had examinations validated from a previous university programme, except in the case of “convalida per opzione” (“validation option”, i.e. when a bachelor degree graduate enrolled in a master degree course opts to transfer from the old degree system to the new one).

The application  (Italian text) for the reimbursement of the previous year’s enrolment fees and university contributions must be submitted to the Ufficio Esoneri (Exemptions Office) within 30 days of the date of the award of the degree.




Reimbursement of the first instalment

  This type of reimbursement is paid, with the exception of 50% of the enrolment fee (euros 101) and the administration and general costs (euros 26), to:

  • students who renew their enrolment for the current academic year and who request a transfer to another university by 17 October 2016, provided that the reimbursement application is submitted within 30 days of the transfer request;
  • students who renew their enrolment for the current academic year and who graduate by the third term of the previous academic year, provided that the reimbursement application is submitted within 30 days of graduation;
  • students who benefited from the partial scholarship of the CIDIS, since they graduated in time in the academic year 2015/2016. In this case the enrolment renewal for the current academic year is required to obtain the scholarship and will be registered in the students' career.



Non-reimbursable fees

  • Fees an other costs related to previous academic years
  • Pre-application fees for degree courses with entrance examinations and self-assessment tests and admission fees for master degree courses without entrance examinations and other postgraduate courses (these fees can be reimbursed to those who have not pre-applied, provided that the reimbursement application is submitted within 30 days of the payment date);
  • enrolment fees for single courses;
  • fees related to internal transfers, and for transfers to and from other universities
  • enrolment fees for a second degree.

Nor will any of the following be accepted:

  • requests for the reimbursement of fees and contributions (except in the case of enrolment in courses with entrance examinations) in the event of withdrawal from a course after the completion of matriculation and after the renewal of enrolment through the payment of the first instalment by MAV payment slip or post office payment slip.



To apply for a reimbursement you must complete  the form (Italian text), which is also available from the Student Secretariats.

The form must be handed in to the relevant Student Secretariat by the student him/herself, or by an authorised person with a signed proxy and a photocopy of the student’s identity document. The form must be accompanied by the original receipts for the payments for which reimbursement is requested.

Reimbursement will not be possible without original copies of the receipts

The Student Secretariat will charge an administration fee of € 10.00 for every reimbursement .