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ISEE UNIVERSITA' certification  

The ISEE (Indicator of the economic situation) estimates the economic situation of families resident in Italy. It takes into account income, properties (i.e. houses, shares, assets, dividends) and the composition of the family.

The ISEE UNIVERSITA' certification is issued by:
any CAF/CAAF (Authorized Fiscal Assistance Centre)
- the Municipality (Comune) of residence
- the INPS (Italian welfare Institute) 

The ISEE UNIVERSITA' indicator will be used as basis for the calculation of the second instalment of the enrolment fees: you have to obtain the ISEE UNIVERSITA' certification within the end of December, otherwise you will be charged the maximum amount of the enrolment fees.

 Follow these steps to obtain the ISEE UNIVERSITA' certification:

  1. acquire all the documentation stating your family income and properties by the appropriate offices in Italy
  2. arrange an appointment with one of the offices above mentioned and submit your documentation.


Documents necessary to calculate the ISEE UNIVERSITA'

For students economically depending on their family, the ISEE UNIVERSITA' certification is the outcome of the following documents:

  • the family status declaration (i.e. a statement of all the family members living in the same house)
  • income tax return for the year previous to enrolment of each family member who has an income
  • properties owned by the family (in square meters) at 31st December of the year previous to enrolment
  • personal estate of the family owned at 31st December of the year previous to enrolment (assets, dividends, etc)
    (Please note that the student has to submit also the bank account balance at 31st December of the year previous to enrolment)

The ISEE certification will be exclusively referred to the student’s economic situation, without considering the income and the properties of the family, only if:

  • he/she has a different residence from the one of the family since at least two years before enrolment 
  • he/she does not live in a house belonging to a member of the family
  • he/she has a personal income since at least two years. The student's annual income must not be lower than € 6,500

This note is for information only and has no force in law. Please refer to the designated offices for any details.