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Part-time enrolment  

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    Part-time enrolment (Italian text) allows students to extend the length of their degree course by up to twice the standard duration and foresees a fee reduction based on the duration of the course and the number of university credits a student plans to obtain during an academic year:

    • 50% reduction if you enrol with the possibility of obtaining up to 30 credits per A.Y. (degree course twice the normal duration)
    • 25% reduction if you enrol with the possibility of obtaining more than 30 credits per A.Y.

    Part-time enrolment can be requested by students on bachelor degree courses, single-cycle and master degree courses should the students have the following commitments: work, care and assistance of family members, health problems and disabilities, child care, pregnancy, professional sports or art activities.

    Part-time enrolment for single-cycle master degree courses in Medicine and Surgery, Dental Medicine and Veterinary Medicine is allowed only for the first two years.

    Course duration

    The lenght of the degree course can be estended on the basis of the following annual credits partition:

    • Bachelor degree programme
      30 CFU/year  for a duration of 6  years
      45 CFU/year for a duration of 4 years

    • Master degree programme
      30 CFU/year for a duration of 4 years
      40 CFU/year for a duration of 3 years

    • Single-cycle master degree programme
      45 CFU/year for a duration of  7 years



    In order to apply for part-time enrolment, students must meet one of following requirements:

    • Work (either employed or self-employed) on a non casual basis for at least a months. The work activity has to be documentable and has to guarantee an income not inferior to 2.840,51 euro (minimum required for being not considered dependent on someone's else income)
    • Caring for family members who are not self-sufficient. The caregiving activity must be continuous and the care needs of the family member has to be certified by the ASL (Local Health Authority)
    • Have disabilities or health problems that prevent them from a regular full-time study schedule. Health problems and disabilities must be certified by ASL (the Local Health Authority)
      Students  with specific learning disabilities must produce a certificate by SSN - Italian National Health Service - (acknowledged institutions), issued no more than three years prior to application to part-time enrolment
    • Parenting or childbirth. Part-time enrolment can be requested only by one of the parent of children no more than 5 years old. In case of pregnancy, students can apply for part-time enrolment from the eight month on, producing medical certificate (pregnancy at risk)
    • Carrying out professional sport or artistic activities. Sport activities must be certified by the concerned sport federation, and artistic activities must be properly documented.


    Application to part-time enrolment

    Students fulfilling the due requirements can apply for a part-time enrolment online (Students Administrative Services - Part time application) from 3 to 31 October 2016. Students enrolled in the first year of Master's programmes can apply until 15 April 2017.

    During the online procedure it is necessary to insert all the data required and to upload the documents that prove the requirements' possession.

    Students already holding the part-time status for the a.y. 2015/2016 do not have to apply for the renewal.