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Academic year  

Academic Year

October to September.

The first semester courses usually start at the beginning of October and last until January, while the second semester courses start at the end of February and finish in June.

Please note that some Faculties may have different calendars (e.g. 1st semester courses at the Faculties of Medicine and Political, Economic and Social Sciences run from September to December; Law courses run from mid-October to April).

Academic Holidays

  • Christmas and New Year's Day holidays: from 23rd December until 7th January
  • Ambrosian Carnival holidays (3 days, during the Carnival week)
  • Easter holidays: from Thursday to Wednesday, during the Easter period
  • 1st May/Labour Day
  • 15th August
  • 1st November (All Saints)
  • 7th December (St Ambrose, Patron Saint of Milan).
  • 8th December (Immaculate Conception)