Agro-environmental Sciences  Scienze agroambientali

General information

Classification of Scholarly Field LM-73 Forestry and environment
Application and Admission Open with entry requirements examination. How to apply.
Course Duration 2 years
Course Attendance Not mandatory
Course Language Italian
Course Location via Celoria 2 - Milano
Head of Studies Giorgio Provolo
Course Website Programme Description

Course Objectives

The master degree programme in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is designed to provide graduates with advanced training in biology, chemistry, engineering and economics.

The degree programme aims to train professional figures equipped with the scientific and technical tools required to operate in the field of environmental, rural and forest land planning and management, combining economic efficiency with the protection and development of natural resources.

Career and Employment

Graduates from the master’s degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences can pursue careers in:  

  • national and regional authorities and services engaged in the protection and development of the environment and land (Technical State Services, national and regional environmental agencies, Basin Authorities, Regional, Provincial and Municipal Inspectorates and Technical Services, Land Reclamation and Irrigation Consortia, Upland Authorities and Mountain Catchment Basin Consortia)
  • laboratories, professional firms and service companies operating either in the field of environmental and land planning and management, or that of environmental monitoring and reclamation
  • firms engaged in the management and disposal of wastes and environmental redevelopment
  • firms engaged in the creation and maintenance of green areas and soil and water resource conservation procedures and works
  • the environmental and land divisions of large companies
  • freelance work in the agricultural, agroforestry and environmental sectors.