Crops and Plant Sciences  Scienze della produzione e protezione delle piante

General information

Classification of Scholarly Field LM-69 Agriculture
Application and Admission Open with entry requirements examination. How to apply.
Course Duration 2 years
Course Attendance Not mandatory
Course Language Italian
Course Location via Celoria 2 - Milano
Head of Studies Daniele Bassi
Course Website

Course Objectives

The degree programme is designed to equip graduates with sound cultural, scientific and professional training in the following sectors: crop productions and their protection; ornamental and urban green area and landscaping systems, and related environmental recovery/rehabilitation procedures; the protection of crops from calamities to guarantee competitive and sustainable productions.

Career and Employment

Graduates from the master’s degree programme can pursue careers in the following sectors: 

  • freelance work, upon successful completion of the State examination and registration with the Register of Professional Qualified Agronomists and Foresters
  • Sstate or regional research bodies responsible for the qualitative improvement of agricultural cultivations and their protection
  • farm management, particularly in relation to the drafting of production regulations
  • regional or provincial agricultural inspectorates
  • regional plant health services, as inspectors of goods in transit and nurseries, or as officials in charge of the drafting of disease prevention regulations
  • industries that produce technical agricultural equipment (seeds, fertilisers, plant protection products), in research positions or in the provision of consultancy services to operators
  • large-scale distribution, in the management of agricultural plant productions and product quality control
  • the planning, management and protection of green areas for ornamental, recreational and sport uses
  • the development and organisation of technical assistance services
  • rural development projects, also at an international level, which require a combination of skills in relation to production, managerial, environmental development and agricultural sustainability processes.