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September 2016


Daniele Struppa, who graduated from The University of Milan, is the 13th President of the Chapman University

Professor Struppa attained a Degree in Mathematics at The University of Milan in 1977. He has now been appointed President (known in Italy as Rector) of the prestigious private Californian university, its highest ranking figure. The official mandate was given at the inauguration on 30 September 2016.

Neurodegenerative diseases: spotting the disease before it reveals its presence

A preclinical test that may open new perspectives in the diagnosis of neurological disorders. This is the result accomplished by a group of researchers from the Center of Complexity and Biosystems of The University of Milan, who just published their work on Physical Review Applied.

Solar radiation variability over Italy in the last 55 years reconstructed for the first time

Surface solar radiation variability over Italy from the end of the 1950s has been reconstructed in the framework of a cooperation between Milan University, ETH (Zurich), ISAC-CNR, Italian Air Force and IPE-CSIC (Zaragoza). The first author of the research - published on Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics – is a researcher of the PhD course in Environmental Sciences of Milan University.

The 11th ILERA European Regional Congress at the University of Milan

The Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences of our University is hosting the 11th European Regional Congress of the International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) from Thursday 8 to Saturday 10 September.