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International Relations  

Our University’s international relations sector is composed of the two major areas of Research and Training.
This enables us to optimise relations with institutions, companies and foreign universities that are interested in establishing exchange and collaboration agreements.

The University of Milan participates in most of the activities relating to training, mobility and the promotion of culture that have been organised by the European Commission  including: 

In fact, more than 300 collaboration agreements involving exchanges of students and teaching staff  have been established as a result of European Community programmes.

Our University also partecipates in academic associations for scientific development with  partner countries outside Europe: China and India.

There are also numerous other agreements  of a bilateral and multilateral nature, some of which regard the creation of integrated study programmes involving the mobility of both students and professors.

Our University has worked with foreign partners for many years in the development of courses, which may also lead to the award of a double or multiple qualification, and introducing short courses, summer schools, joint modules and “sandwich courses”. These programmes are based on specific collaboration agreements

With regard to research, the University encourages its faculties to participate in international research programmes and promotes scientific and technological collaboration with foreign universities. Various means are utilised, such as funding and international agreements.

One of the easiest ways to set up and intensify scientific collaboration relationships, develop joint research and tuition activities and facilitate the exchange of teaching staff and students, is to establish an agreement  for multidisciplinary collaboration.