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Marco Polo Programme

The “Marco Polo” Programme was launched in 2004 by the Conference of Italian University Rectors, upon the direct request of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, in order to increase the presence of Chinese students in Italian universities.

One of the priorities to reach the goal of the program regards the organisation of preparatory Italian language courses for Chinese students who pre-enroll in Italian universities to attend undergraduate or master's degree corses.

Thanks to an agreement between the Italian Government and the Chinese governments, the pre-registration and enrolment in the preparatory Italian language courses organized at Italian universities facilitate issuing Chinese students an entry visa to study in Italy. Once they have passed the final examination of the Italian course, Chinese students are exempt from the National Italian exam and can enrol in university in Italy without having to return to China.

The University of Milan has been part of the “Marco Polo” Program since its inception, given the attention that the educational and scientific departments of the University show for the geographical and cultural areas of Eastern and Southern Asia and, in particular China, the region with the most dynamic economy.

By virtue of the valuable experience in teaching Italian to foreigners developed in recent years as part of the Faculty of Humanities, the University of Milan has been the site for the preparatory Italian course.

The course lasts 10 months, starting 01/11/2018, at a cost of € 4,000.

The course is geared to level B1 / B2 of the Common European and Council of Europe Framework and will end with a final exam and certificate.

The tuition includes lessons, materials, accident insurance and the China Desk service at the Università degli Studi di Milano coordinated by the Istituto Confucio.
Chinese students' language training will be integrated by tutoring with Chinese language mediators and complementary cultural activities.

In addition, at the end of the course, students will take the exam to get the CELI certificate from the University for Foreigners in Perugia (level B1 / B2). The exam will take place at the Università degli Studi di Milano.

For more information, in Italian and Chinese, about the Italian Language and Culture course, the facilities for Chinese students and housing, go to the page “Corsi Marco Polo” of Calcif ( You can also watch the video “Milano in 1 minuto: la città vista dagli studenti cinesi del programma Marco Polo 2015".

The Italian language course is open to students participating in the TURANDOT Program.



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