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How to Stipulate an Agreement  How to make new scientific collaboration agreements with the University of Milan


To establish a collaboration in the training sector, it is first of all necessary for the professors promoting the agreement to make preliminary contact with the administrative offices of their faculty or department, in order to define the substance of the agreement, particularly when creating an integrated course.
It is the administrative offices, in fact, that draw up draft agreements with the university structures that propose them. At the University of Milan, the formalisation of agreements requires approval by the committee of the specific department concerned. The agreement must then by approved by the Academic Senate and, for any aspects of a financial nature, by the Board of Directors.

To establish a collaboration in the sphere of the Erasmus+ programme or other programmes promoted by the EU, professors and international relations offices from foreign universities must refer to our administrative offices or, in the case of the Erasmus+ programme, contact the Departments’ Erasmus representatives.
For further information or support, please contact:
Ufficio Accordi e Relazioni Internazionali (International Relations Office)
Agreements Section
Monica Sinibaldi
Via Festa del Perdono 7 - 20122 Milano
Tel. +39 02 503.13500/13506
Fax +39 02 503.13503



With a proactive role in science, technology and economics networks, the University of Milan is involved in national and international research programs and also collaborates with other scientific institutions.

Our university has also strengthened its efforts to intensify scientific collaboration relationships, develop joint research and tuition activities in order to facilitate the exchange of teaching staff and students. It is possible to view a complete list of the scientific and educational collaboration agreements that are currently in place with foreign countries.

To activate a new  agreement for scientific and multidisciplinary collaboration, and for further information or support, please contact:


Ufficio Contratti e Convenzioni di Ricerca Istituzionale (Institutional Research Contracts and Agreements Office) 
Divisione Servizi per la Ricerca (Research Services Division)
Antonella Pellecchia, Nadia Manenti
Via Festa del Perdono 12 – 20122 Milano
Tel. +39 02 503.12755/12084
Fax:+39 02 503.12750