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Academics Mobility  

The University endeavours to give a greater international dimension to its academic programmes by inviting foreign professors to deliver courses of lectures.
Cultural diversity and the different teaching methods utilised by foreign professors, together with the use of a foreign language, constitute an important added value for the development of students’ skills and abilities, while also contributing towards their human and professional growth.
Activities connected to the mobility of teaching staff are organised as part of specific international collaboration agreements established during the implementation of European Union training programmes, or approved as a result of bilateral or multilateral relations.
The manner and duration of the mobility must be determined in agreement with the host Faculty, with adequate notice given prior to the start of the visit, which must, in any case, coincide with the period in which the teaching activities are due to take place.
In order to receive information on how to apply to come as visiting professor/scientist you can contact the specific department of interest or, if you cannot find a contact person, send an e-mail to and ask for assistance.
Furthermore, through the Erasmus+ mobility programme, academics may apply to a period of time that ranges from one week, i.e. 5 working days, to six weeks. To apply as visiting professor through this programme you must:

  • Verify the existence of an Erasmus+ bilateral agreement between your home institution and the University of Milan. Contact the International Office to obtain the necessary form.
  • Contact the specific department of the University of Milan where you would like to go. If you cannot find a contact person, contact and ask for assistance.
  • Once you have contacted the right person, send them your work plan and ask for an invitation letter. An invitation letter is usually necessary to apply for Erasmus+ funding at your home institution or National Agency.

To find out more about the application process, contact the Erasmus institutional coordinator at your home university or your National Agency.

For assistance:
International Relations Office
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For Non-Erasmus+ Academic mobility contact
For Erasmus+ Academic mobility contact