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Erasmus+ Calls for application  

General call for applications

The call for application describes eligibility application criteria and selection procedures of the programme.

This academic year’s call for application contains some important changes:

ACCESS RESTRICTIONS: only students regularly enrolled into a bachelor, master or single-cycle degree course of University of Milan can apply. Students enrolled outside prescribed time will be eligible to apply only as ‘primo anno fuori Corso’;

LANGUAGE COMPENTENCE REQUIREMENTS: applicants must possess language certification proficiency (at least A2 level) in order to be able to apply;

LEARNING AGREEMENT PROPOSAL: regardless the chosen destinations, students have to submit a learning agreement proposal adaptable to each chosen host university or only to the destination indicated as “first option”, in which they have to indicate the learning activities they wish to undertake abroad in compliance with the goals and the didactic contents of the Course of study they are enrolled in.

Call for application
Attachment A
Form 1 (Learning agreement proposal)
Form 2 (Language proficiency self-certification)

In order to easily check available destinations and specific requirements, students may check the sections above, corresponding to the different areas of study.

The Erasmus sections at the top of this page also contain information regarding informative meetings, selection procedures and upcoming meetings for successful applicants.

Schedule of informative meetings (before the selection)
Schedule of informative meetings (after the selection)

The Erasmus application deadline is February, 28th 2018 at 12.00 PM (Italian time). Please check the guidelines for applicants.

Guidelines for Erasmus + applicants

For further information, please contact the International Relations Office of the University of Milan or check the FAQ guide before the selection and the FAQ guide after the selection.