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How to participate  

Students, graduating students, Ph.D and Specialization schools’ students who wish to undertake a period of study abroad within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, will find all the information on requirements and procedures in the General Call for applications. 

The Call for applications is available online on, until 25 February 2019, h. 14:00.??

A careful reading and consultation of the University's General Call for applications will allow students to make a better choice on how to plan their stay abroad and on the host University to choose.

Attention: new language requirements for the Erasmus+ 2019/2020 Call for study

In order to apply to the Erasmus+ call 2019/2020 we require all students to own at least an A2 level of the working language used in the institution/s of their choice. You will be allowed to specify up to three preferences.

In order to verify the working language, please visit the website of the university of your choice and check their course offer. To know which Universities are available for your course of study, please refer to the list you may find at this page.

In order to apply to the Call, students are requested to prove their language skills. According to internal specific requirements, each Department (please check the lists at the bottom) decides upon how to verify the language prerequisite, choosing between two alternatives:

1) EXEMPTION FROM LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE DURING THE APPLICATION:  Students falling into this category will be evaluated exclusively by the selecting Commission during the selection interview;

2) COMPULSORY LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE TO HAVE ACCESS TO SELECTIONS (English, French, Spanish, German) at least of A2 level: students who already possess a SLAM proficiency certificate or have a language certificate recognised by the University of Milan must upload that certificate during application procedure (unless otherwise indicated).

Students who do not possess one of the language certificates listed above are required to enroll to a SLAM assessment test. We inform you that it is possible to book a slot to test your language knowledge, by filling out the form available at this page.

Our University offers the opportunity to get a free language certificate through SLAM only for the following languages and levels:

- ENGLISH: up to level C2
- FRENCH: up to level B2
- SPANISH: up to level B2
- GERMAN: up to level C1

As far as Portuguese is concerned, the SLAM will collect the names of interested people and communicate how students will be tested at a later stage. Students who need to certify their Portuguese must write to and ask for a specific form to submit.

Please note that tests are “one-shot” for each language you need to test. Students are allowed to book and take the test only once for each chosen language. We highly recommend that you book the earliest date available, as spots are limited.

Student belonging to the second category with no SLAM certificates nor any official certificates recognised by the University of Milan will be excluded from the selection.

Please note that no certification released by any professors will be taken into account for applications.
Please also note that no exams registered in your study plan as assessment of language skills will be considered valid in order to apply to the Erasmus+ Call, except for those passed through SLAM, along with the SLAM's certification. If you passed a language assessment of Placement test through SLAM, please write to Infostudente and ask for your language certificate.

Students enrolled in a Master's degree course entirely taught in English are exempt from submitting a language skills certificate, only for the English language.

Please check carefully the tables attached below in order to acknowledge how you are requested to prove your language skills:

Exemption from language proficiency certificate

Compulsory language proficiency certificate to get access to selections