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How to participate  

Students, graduating students, Ph.D and Specialization schools’ students who wish to undertake a period of study abroad within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, will find all the information on requirements and procedures in the General Call for applications

The Call for applications is available online on, usually in January/February each year.??

A careful reading and consultation of the University's General Call for applications will allow students to make a better choice on how to plan their stay abroad and on the host University to choose.

Attention: new requirements for the Erasmus+ 2018-2019 call for study

In order to apply to the Erasmus+ call, we require students to have at least an A2 level of the working language used in the institution/s of their choice, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEFR. If you are going to apply to destinations that use less common languages, therefore less known, you are required to have at least an A2 level in English in order to apply.

Students of Foreign Languages and Literatures, European and Extra-European Languages and Literatures, Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication and Languages and Cultures for International Communication and Cooperation are automatically considered in compliance with this requirement for the languages studied in their curricula. Students enrolled in Master's Degrees entirely taught in English are exempt from proving their English knowledge.

The knowledge of a foreign language may be certified:

  1. with a language certificate proving that you have sufficient knowledge of the working language at the University/ies of your choice, recognised by the University of Milan;
  2. with a proficiency certificate already issued by the Language Service of the University of Milan (SLAM - Servizio Linguistico dell’Ateneo di Milano) when a language certificate is not available;
  3. with a self-certification stating the level of the foreign language/s you need to certify, which will be proved during the selection interview, should you not have either of the above-mentioned certificates (Form 2).