Return to Italy  

After the end of the period of stay abroad and following their return to Italy, the students must fill out the online Final report form for students. This mandatory document is requested by the Erasmus National Agency for statistical and assessment purposes. In order to fill out the form, the student will receive an e-mail automatically generated by the online system set up by the Erasmus National Agency. 

In addition, the students must submit to the International Relations Office the three following documents:

  • The hard copy of your Certificate of stay (to be submitted within 10 days from arrival in Italy)
  • The Learning Agreement filled out in all its parts: initial version and any changed version, duly signed by all the parties (copy or original)
  • The Transcript of records (copy).

To the Erasmus Coordinator or the Erasmus Desk of the students’ degree course, students are requested to submit only:

  • The Learning Agreement filled out in all its parts: initial version and any changed version, both duly signed by all the parties (copy)
  • The Transcript of records (original).

The amount of the Erasmus grant will be recalculated on the basis of the dates stated in the Certificate of Stay and any recalculations due to additions or refunds taken into account will be notified.

Recognition procedure

Within six months after their return back to Italy, the students must start the academic recognition process of the educational activities carried out abroad, by submitting the following documents to the
Segreteria Didattica and to the Erasmus Coordinator or to the Erasmus Desk of their study course:  

  • The academic recognition form 
  • The Transcript of Records (academic record of the educational activities successfully completed).

Only those educational activities listed in the Learning Agreement that have been successfully completed, and are stated in the Transcript of Records, will be recognized. The Recognition of the studies undertaken abroad will be made official upon approval granted by the Degree course coordination council of the students study course.
Equivalence of the grades obtained abroad is based on the comparison between the ECTS grading scale for the student’s degree course in the Home Institution and that of the degree course attended abroad. If the degree course does not have its own ECTS grading scale, the Erasmus coordinator or their delegate will ask the partner University for information on the equivalence of the grades acquired by the student in compliance with the ECTS grading scale foreseen by the study course attended abroad. 
Information on the grade conversion tables can be requested from the Erasmus coordinator of the student’s degree course.
Further information and details on the recognition of the academic outcomes may be requested from the Segreteria Didattica, the Erasmus Coordinator or the Erasmus Desk of the student’s degree course.

Recognition procedure for students belonging to Medicine courses

The student must bring their Transcript of Records to the Students Office in Via S. Sofia and ask for the grades to be validated. The Students Office will issue a ‘green’ receipt and will e-mail the request to the student’s Segreteria Didattica (there is a different one for each degree course).
The ‘local’ Segreteria Didattica will transform the Erasmus grades into UNIMI grades and will lay out the authorization request for the degree course coordination council in charge with the procedure. After approval, the Segreteria Didattica will send the details to the Students Office in Via S. Sofia, which will add them to the student’s academic record. Please note that process can last several months.