Medicine Erasmus+  

Academic year 2019-2020

  • Medicine and Surgery (single cycle degree programme)
  • International Medical School (single cycle degree programme)
  • Dental Medicine (single cycle degree programme)
  • Cognitive Sciences (second cycle degree)
  • Medical Biotechnology (first cycle degree)
  • Medical Biotechnology and molecular medicine (master programme)
  • Health Care Professions (first cycle degree)

Available destinations for Medicine and Surgery and International Medical School students
Available destinations for Medical Biotechnology students
Available destinations for Dental Medicine students
Available destinations for Health Care Professions students
Available destinations for Congitive sciences students

Specific requirements for Medicine and Surgery and International Medical School students
Specific requirements for Medical Biotechnology students
Specific requirements for Health Care Professions students
Specific requirements for Dental Medicine students



Erasmus Coordinators and Erasmus desks

Medicine  (single cycle)
?Prof. Cinzia Bressi
?Tel. 02 503 20301

Medicine and Surgery (single cycle) - Polo San Paolo
Dott. Elisa Borghi
Tel. 02 503 23287  

Medicine and Surgery (single cycle) - Polo Vialba
Dott. Pietro Zerbi
Tel. 02 39042348  

International Medical School
?Dott. Silvia Angela Maria Della Bella?
Tel. 02 822 45144?

Dental Medicine (single cycle)?
Prof. Giulio Rasperini
Tel. 02 503 20234

Healthcare professions
?Dott. Anne Destrebecq?
Tel. 02 503 15117

Healthcare professions
Prof. Luisa Romanò
Tel. 02 503 15133

Medical biotechnologies
?Dott. Federica Compostella?
Tel. 02 503 16045

Cognitive sciences?
Dott. Alessandra Gorini ?
Tel. 02 503 12240?
Didactic Secretary Of cognitive sciences  

?c/o Academic office Degree programme in Medicine and Surgery
Via della Commenda, 19 - 20122 Milano? ?
Opening hours:?
Tuesday - Thursday 2-4 pm
by appointment only


Informative meetings

General Meeting held by the International Mobility Office (in Italian):
7 February 2019 at 14:30, Room 431, Via Festa del Perdono 3 - Milan

Meeting for Students of Medical Biotechnologies (in Italian):
14 February 2019 at 16:00, at the Dept. of Medical Biotechnologies, Via Vanvitelli 32, Aula Magna


Schedule of selection interviews

12 March 2019 at 9.00 - Room Anfiteatro - Hospital Policlinico - Via Pace, 9 -  Milan


Meetings for successful applicants

12 April 2019, h: 13:30 - Room 201, via Festa del Perdono 3  - Milan