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Call for Erasmus Traineeship Applications  

The Erasmus + Traineeship call for applications includes the European rules on Erasmus + as well as the general requirements regarding the eligibility and the procedure to be followed to apply for mobility.

The 2018-2019 call for applications contains important information, including information on the possibility of repeating the Erasmus mobility and the inclusion in mobility of graduate students from all three study cycles (provided that they are regularly enrolled at the time they apply) and that they undertake their training placement within 12 months of their graduation and - in any case - within September, 2019. 

The call for applications includes, for each traineeship, more detailed information on:

  • foreseen activities
  • specific requirements
  • number of available traineeship scholarships?
  • duration of stay?
  • the University of Milan Traineeship Coordinator.


ERASMUS+ Student Traineeship

Call for applications a.y. 2018-2019

Traineeship N.27: Students currently enrolled in their 3rd year of Pediatric nursing, who already passed all first and second year exams, are entitled to apply to the programme. Applicants must have an English knowledge that is at an equivalent level to at least B2.


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