In order to be selected for the Erasmus+ Programme, students must submit the online Erasmus application, usually open by the end of January, together with the publication of the University's Call for applications.

For 2019-2020, the application's deadline is 25 February 2019.

Candidates must upload:

  • a valid identity document (max 2MB);
  • curriculum vitae (compulsory and filled in using the form you can download from the box below) -a single PDF doc - max 5MB;
  • Form 1 (Learning Agreement proposal) -a single PDF doc - max 10MB;
  • Certificate stating the knowledge of the language(s) used by the Host University (a single PDF doc - max 10MB);
  • any other document you think will be useful for your selection (not compulsory) - max 5MB

The process is completed when the student receives an email confirming the registration.

Students can take part in the Programme more than once during each degree cycle, for a duration of the stay -both for study and traineeship- of 12 months per cycle (24 for single-cycle degree programmes).

CV form to be filled in

template curriculum ENG

Template curriculum ENG