Language Courses  


University of Milan Language proficiency center (SLAM)

Students selected to spend a period abroad in the framework of Erasmus + programme, can apply at SLAM (centro linguistico di Ateneo) to have a language proficiency certification, if required by partner Universities.

Students who already have a language proficiency certification, recognized by University of Milan and released since no more than 3 years, should send it to in order to obtain SLAM certification.

Students who do not possess a language proficiency certification yet, will be required to set for a placement examination test. In order to make reservation for the exam, students are requested to write to, specifying the language and the date chosen for the examination, and the deadline for the submission of their learning agreement. If number of applications will exceed available workstations, priority will be given to students with more upcoming deadlines.

 Test dates and schedule are available at SLAM website page.

University language courses

Students who will be spending a period of study or training as part of the Erasmus + programme can attend free intensive language courses (English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese) organized by the University, in order to prepare themselves as best as possible for the period of study they will be spending abroad.

These courses are normally held in July, are reserved exclusively for the selected students who have confirmed their participation in the mobility programme and are structured in two sessions (morning and afternoon) totalling 6 hours per day for each language course.
Regular and full attendance of the language course gives right to an attendance certificate stating the level of language competence (the certificate does not, however, have the same value as certificates issued at an international level). 

To reserve a place for a language course, students must fill in the dedicated form within June, 10th and submit it to the International Relations Office.

Language courses for Academic Year 2016/2017 Erasmus students will take place from July, 4th to July, 15th 2016.

First meeting will take place on July, 4th at 9.30 in room M201 (via Santa Sofia). Further information regarding rooms of next meetings will be provided during the meeting.

Online Linguistic Tool – online linguistic support

The European Commission offers online language courses “Online Linguistic Support” (OLS) to Erasmus + students who will be using English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch as their language of study.

The Online Linguistic tool foresees:

  • A mandatory language assessment for all Erasmus students before and after the mobility period; 
  • An online language course that fits the student’s language needs. 

The University will send out all the online licences allocated by the European Commission subject to availability, and will monitor their use. Please note that the number of licences will not be sufficient to cover all the students in mobility. Therefore priority will be given to students who have a lower proficiency level as recommended by the European Commission.

Erasmus students can only receive a licence for one language based on their Host University. Once the Office has allocated a licence in the Online Linguistic Support for one of the five languages, it will no longer be possible to change language choice or give up the course. Should the student believe the language choice is incorrect, he/she must stop completing the profile and get in contact with the International Relations Office.

Here are procedure and timing for OLS activation - Erasmus participants A.A. 2015/2016:

  • The licences for the language assessment prior to departure have been allocated to the students whose departure is foreseen for the first semester
  • The licence for the language course will be sent out starting September 2015 to the students whose departure is foreseen in the first semester.
  • The licences for the language assessment prior to departure will be sent out starting October 2015 to the students whose departure is foreseen for the second semester

Once being allocated a licence, for the language assessment or for the language course, students will receive an automatic e-mail generated by the OLS containing instructions on what to do next. Students are strongly invited to complete their language assessment or course before the deadline indicated in the automatically generated email. Before accessing the system, students are advised to read the information included in the  following