Learning Agreement  

The Learning Agreement is a document containing the educational components (study, training, dissertation research, final exam programme) that the student is expected to complete abroad. Before the departure students must always agree on the content of their Learning Agreement with their Erasmus coordinator and/or the Erasmus desk of his/her degree course at the sending University.

Learning agreement can only be drafted online. Erasmus+ students whose period of stay will take place during 2018-2019 will be allowed to draft it starting from May 22nd, 2018.

The drafting procedure includes helpful instructions for filling out the different fields and ends with the actual printout of the document. The former must be approved and signed by the Italian Erasmus coordinator before scanning and sendin it to the International Relations Office by e-mail (mobility.out@unimi.it).

The Office will send a scanned copy of the document to the Host Institution by e-mail for its approval. Host Institutions are asked to e-mail the document back to our International Relations Office as well as to the departing student. In order for the Learning Agreement to be considered valid, it must be approved both by the Home Institution and by the Host Institution. It is the students' responsibility to verify the final approval of their Learning Agreement before their departure. If Host Institutions require the submission of Learning Agreements by a specific date (e.g. as part of the application process), students will have to submit it themselves and inform mobility.out@unimi.it of this. Remember: the office always has to receive the final version of your Learning Agreement with all signatures by e-mail.

Students enrolled in the following degree courses: Linguistic and Cultural Mediation Sciences and at Political, Economic and Social Sciences are required to hand in their Learning Agreement to the Erasmus Desk in their Faculty or School.

Some foreign Universities may require their own Learning Agreement form, which must be filled in according to the instructions and the deadlines indicated on their website. In this case, the selected student must fill in the Learning Agreement forms provided both by the Home Institution and the Host Institution.

For the students whose period of stay will take place during the academic year 2018-2019, the Learning Agreement must be sent to the International Relations Office by: 

  • 29th June 2018 for stays starting in the first semester or lasting the whole academic year;
  • 5th October 2018 for stays starting in the second semester

How to fill in the Learning Agreement

In order to correctly fill in the Learning Agreement form and to avoid making mistakes, the student must remember to include:

  • The list of the educational components  (with relative credits) 
  • The title of the activities in the original language (or in English) and in Italian 
  • The number of credits that the student expects to acquire, according to the length of the stay abroad: 60 credits (for a stay lasting one year), 30 credits (for a stay lasting six months) and 20 (for a stay lasting three months).

Erasmus students are expected to complete the entire training programme described in their Learning Agreement and acquire at least 70% of the credits foreseen by it: 42 credits (for a stay lasting one year), 21 (for a stay lasting six months) and 14 (for a stay lasting three months).

Students who do not comply with the above-mentioned provisions are required to provide a justification so as the measures to be taken can be assessed, which may include the restitution of part of the entire grant disbursed up to that point. Force majeure (eg. illness) can justify failure to complete the training programme described in the Learning Agreement.