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Final Examination  

Doctoral programmes

With cycle 29, new procedures to obtain the degree have been introduced from the last Ph.D. regulations, making it necessary to review the deadlines and procedures to present the thesis and the admission application to the examination.

Specifically, the thesis must be evaluated by at least two teachers from outside the university who will propose the thesis for public discussion or deferment for a period of no more than six months should they believe the thesis needs to be deepened or corrected.

The main indications are below. For further details, please refer to Article 23 of the documento PDF Ph.D. regulations (Italian text).

Course end date

Cycle 31 began on 1 October 2015 and will end on 30 September 2018.

Exceptions: suspensions authorized by the board of Ph.D. teachers or late enrolment (when enrolment occurred after 1 November 2015). In these cases, the end date is automatically deferred for the period corresponding to the suspension or late enrolment.

Submitting the thesis to the board of Ph.D. teachers

Ph.D. students submit their theses from 14 September to 1 October, following the procedure set by each board.

The board of teachers will send the theses, together with a report regarding the research activity done, to external professors of high professional qualification, who will evaluate and return them to the board, proposing the admission to the dissertation or the deferment.


Application for the final examination

Ph.D. students who have been authorized by the board of teachers must make their admission application from 1 October 2018 to 30 October 2018.

The application is made online only, through the designated SIFA - Online Services following the instructions below:

1) authenticate by clicking on LOGIN

2) select Students administrative services>Degree programme final exam>Dissertation defense (PhD)

3) choose the item  "Admission"

4) Pay the diploma fee of 116 Euro (including the 16-Euro revenue stamp) with one of the following methods:

a) credit card of the Visa or MasterCard circuit, during the online  admission application procedure
b) Mav payment slip produced at the end of the application and available at the link SIFA - Online Services  Payments, Tuition fees and Exemptions>Payment services
(the expiration date is on the MAV payment slip)

Nothing must be submitted to the Ph.D. Students Office

Ph.D. students of the courses in partnership with SEMM must apply online for the final examination no later than 15 November 2018.

Submitting theses to the Examination Board

As soon as they have news of the names of the Examination Board, the Ph.D. students must submit a copy of their theses in electronic format to the members of the board, accompanied by an abstract in Italian and English.

To know the names of the members of the board, consult the webpage Examination Boards and Exam DatesLink verso un sito esterno or contact the Coordinator.

Uploading theses on AIR – institutional repository

Before sitting the examination it is compulsory to:

1. Log-in in AIR with your university credentials (login box on top right);

2. Subscribe the licence;

3. Complete the blank fields by filling in the following data:

  • tutor of University of Milano (it’s an auto-complete field);
  • supervisors and coordinators of University of Milan;
  • curators (tutors, supervisors and coordinators of University of Milano or not), each name has to be wrote after the role;
  • department (it’s an auto-comlete field);
  • research centre (if it is a University of Milano centre, you’ll find by auto-complete);
  • keywords explaining the subject of the thesis;
  • the abstract of the thesis;
  • the date could be wrong but it will be checked after your final examination;

4. Upload the file of the thesis, paying attention to the following points:

  • file format must be PDF with no restrictions (i.e. password);
  • file name must be like phd_unimi_doctoralID.pdf (Es. phd_unimi_123456.pdf). If thesis is splitted in more than one files, names must be as phd_unimi_numeromatricola_1.pdf, phd_unimi_numeromatricola_2.pdf;
  • make your choice regaridng file access: you can select “open access“ for immediate access, or “embargo” and the number of months (up to 18) you want to delay your access. Remember that you will have to justify the embargo option.

5. Once you close the completed form, you will find in AIR thesis page the button to download the declarative statement; please download, fill, sign, scan and send it together with an identity document to the following mailbox:

The uploading service onto AIR is available 24 hours after the online application to SIFA

Application for extension

The Academic Senate in the session of 13 June 2017 has eliminated the point 12 of the art. 23 "Conseguimento del titolo di dottore di ricerca". Starting from cycle 30 the extension for the presentation of the thesis is no longer allowed.


Contact us

The PhD Students Desk at the Students Administration Office (via S. Sofia 9/1) is available for any clarification through the online service: Infostudenti -  Students information Service.

Contact us on line, by phone (in Italy: 199 188 128, from abroad: 0039 056676357) or register for an appointment (opening hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 3 pm)