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Technology Transfer  

A stronger relationship between universities and the socio-economic context is the starting point for the utilisation of research results.

The direct transfer of innovative solutions and technologies to the business world is becoming a major goal that is not seen as a replacement, but rather as an addition and an integration to the more consolidated goals of higher education and exploratory and oriented research.

To this end, the University of Milan has for some time been investing resources and expertise in the fields of patents and intellectual property protection, new technology-based enterprises, cooperation with institutional entities, specialised education in the areas of innovation and utilisation, projects and technology transfer initiatives.

Moreover, our university is currently involved in the setting-up of a business incubator in cooperation with financial institutions, foundations and other local actors.

The incubator will be based in the city centre of Milan, and will constitute a meeting point for advanced research, new business ideas and industries, offering a stimulating environment for both high-technology start-ups and mature companies operating in the fields of biomedicine and biotechnology.