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Commissioned Research  

The University of Milan offers its vast potential for research and technological innovation to companies, public administration departments and professionals.

With 57 Departments, 48 Institutes, 77 Research Centres, 72 PhD courses for the training of new generations and its cutting edge know-how, the University can rightly claim to be one of the strongholds of scientific research, capable of offering a wide range of “products” to small or large companies who need to outsource their innovation processes.

One of the most consolidated ways of accessing the research potential of our University is via the Commissioned Research Contract, which is generally entered into for all services related to the following areas:

  • pure or applied research,
  • consulting activities concerning monograph studies, technical or scientific opinions, opinions on project activities, feasibility studies, technical and scientific assistance, as well as coordination and supervising activities,
  • training activities, including design, organisation and running of courses, seminars, conference cycles, preparation of teaching materials, participation in training projects,
  • analyses, inspections, calibrations, tests, experiments and measurements on materials, appliances, manufactured products and other items of interest to the commissioning company,
  • clinical activities in the Veterinary field,
  • sale of research results, such as the transfer of results obtained from previous studies or research carried out within the University.

To implement a commissioned research contract, contact the relevant university research structure directly, or the professor/researcher to define the subject of the research commission.

Work will begin upon approval by the University.

For more information:
Ufficio Contratti di Ricerca Commissionata e Centri di Ricerca
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