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Spin-Off Strategy  

The University of Milan provides support to individual professors/researchers or research groups who conceive, and at times develop, at least in part, an application that is considered commercially viable.

Backing the creation of a business concern involves holding a share in its capital stock and granting permission for use of the University’s registered name and logo; it also involves providing space, equipment, personnel and any specific services that may be necessary for coordination and innovative management procedures.

In recent years, the University has given a considerable boost to scientific research, with the aim of promoting the creation of new, highly innovative companies.

The results can be clearly seen: since 2003, Unimi has set up 25 spin-off companies that operate within the top research macrosectors of the University of Milan: Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Technology (52%), Industrial Technologies and Processes (26%), New Materials (11%), Devices and Appliances (11%), and there are many other projects currently on the drawing board.

From the point of view of intellectual property, one quarter of the companies set up in the academic sphere are directly concerned with the development of technologies patented by the University. But this is just one aspect of the University spin-off programme that enables us to establish, or consolidate, partnerships with companies already working in the market and attract venture capitals.

In this sense, intellectual property and the multidisciplinary nature of the patents portfolio can be a determining factor in attracting investors. In fact, external investors have stakes in almost half of our active spin-off companies (9 out of 20), for a total value of approximately Euros 5 million.