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Intellectual Property Management  

The University of Milan - in light of its economic, albeit not strictly entrepreneurial, orientation - has maximised its investment in research and IP protection by developing a strategy based on the generation of business opportunities.

These opportunities translate into increased competitiveness for businesses that choose to benefit from monopoly rights on technologies resulting from outstanding academic competences. Moreover, the University of Milan is actively encouraging patenting strategies to be undertaken during the early stages of commissioned research, rather than at the end of the process.

Enhancing the quality and quantity of commissioned research relations would result in an increase in patent applications that are co-owned with customer companies. Such a goal is particularly important in the context in which the University is located (Milan and Lombardy), and especially given the involvement and role played by professors and researchers in participating institutions and external research activities.

The range of available options - patent licensing to the industry or to academic spin-offs and start-ups, joint IP generations or development in the framework of strategic partnerships - offers extensive maximisation opportunities and at the same time implies a higher level of responsibility for the University in the decision-making process.

A Patent Committee and a specific Patent Regulation are the tools that have been developed by the University of Milan to assist in the complex processes leading to successful technology transfer and to the utilisation and dissemination of research output.