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Active Spin-offs  

Postbiotica s.r.l.

Sector: Health biotech

Incorporated in: 2016

Activity: Postbiotica develops bacterial-derived products (postbiotics) with immunomodulatory properties aimed at re-establishing mucosal homeostasis. Postbiotica can control the fermentation process so to obtain metabolic products with specific health-promoting properties.

Products and services: The first product we are developing is a eyedrop formulation for the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis, but we are working also at the development of food supplements.

Applications: The products are aimed either at potentiating the immune response (immunostimulants) or at dampening or deviating the immune response (immunomodulators and anti-inflammatory).

Reference market: Italy and Europe

Prof. Maria Rescigno -

Postbiotica website



inTHEna S.r.l.

Field: Health Biotech

Incorporated in: 2013

Description: inTHEna designs and develops molecules, nanostructures and technologies for medical studies and diagnosis, prevention and therapy of human and animal diseases.

Prof. Fabio Corsi


Voices from the Blogs Srl

Voices from the Blog

Field: New Media/ Digital/ ICT

Founded in:  12.12.2012

Voices from the Blogs (VfB)
captures the sentiment on social media, blogs and web by using innovative statistical and IT technologies designed for Sentiment Analysis, that allow to accurately interpret big data and get meaningful results.

Products and services:
VfB offers Sentimeter SM service for analyzing the opinions and conversation topics on social media (SM) regarding brands, news, political / social topics.
Sentimeter SM is articulated in several products:

  • Snapshot: get a SM instantaneous picture
  • Trend: monitor the SM continuously in real time
  • Replay: survey the historical data

Sentimeter DB is a family of products for synthetizing, classifying and ordering textual data from proprietary DB’s.

Sentimeter SM
can be personalized by adding the following modules:

  • SM Feedback: assess the impact of large-scale / salient / critical events
  • SM Alerting: identify the activity peaks on SM
  • Competitive analysis: assess the strengths and weaknesses of a brand/product and of its competitors
  • Brand reputation: investigate the perception or sentiment towards a brand
  • Campaign effectiveness: measure the conversation shifts over time
  • Sentiment: analyze the opinions related to any specific matter
  • Volume: quantify the number of followers, likes, mentions

Reference market:
VfB meets the requirements and information exigencies of the following entities:

  • News, Media and Press Agencies
  • Large and medium businesses
  • Institutions (Public Authorities, Public Institutions, Political Parties)
  • Individuals (politicians and public personalities)
  • Intermediaries (post-processing VfB analysis)

Prof. Luigi Curini
Tel. +39 3661652058

Prof. Stefano M. Iacus
Tel. +39 3661652064

Voices from the blogs website


EveryWare Technologies S.r.l.

Field: Information and communication technology.

Activity: The mission is to develop innovative mobile applications exploiting positioning technologies, onboard sensors, as well as the most recent research results in mobile data management and privacy protection.

Product and services: Privacy aware location based services. Location and sensor-based mobile solutions for visually impaired people.

Applications: PCube: the first location-aware app that alerts you about the proximity of your friends without acquiring your location data. Light Detector: transform any natural or artificial light source into sound.

Reference market: The worldwide growing community of Internet-connected mobile device users. First products target: people that want to use location based services but care about their privacy and people with disabilities.

Dr Andrea Gerino
Phone: +39 339 8100010 -

EveryWare website


ProXentia Srl


Field: Diagnostic device

Incorporated in: 2011

ProXentia develops, realizes and sells novel diagnostic platforms for the execution of rapid tests in the food industry. Multiplexing, versatility, low-cost, ease of use and of integration into the process control systems are key competitive drivers of this detection tool, enabling the quick access to information relative to safety, quality and nutritional values of raw, semifinished and transformed products in critical decision-making steps of the food processing. Our main competitive advantage is our technology. The company owns the intellectual propriety of a novel method for the detection of biomolecular interactions (Reflective Phantom Interface, RPI), which has been discovered and developed by people now embodied in ProXentia.

Products and services:
Our product is a versatile platform, that can run quick and reliable molecular tests. The platform is made up of two basic units: a portable reader and a set of disposable cartridges. Each cartridge enables a complete analysis of a specific product (wine, milk, flour etc...)

Fabio Giavazzi
Tel +39 2 503 30478

ProXentia website 




Field: agro-foodstuffs and environment

The objective of Micro4yoU is to develop, product and commercialize microbial formulates able to satisfy the needs of the farmers and in particular who practise bio-agriculture. One of the main problems in the agri-foodstuffs sector is to improve the productivity with less  environmental impacts. Micro4yoU propose as first product MICRO4BEE, a probiotic for honeybees that can strengthen the intestinal bacterial flora and consequently the immune defence system of the bee. The reference market for MICRO4BEE is the beekeeping market. The beekeepers in the world, in Europe and in Italy are 6,5 millions, 593.168 and 70.000 respectively; the beehives are 60 millions,11.631.300 and 1.200.000 respectively.

Dott. Annalisa Balloi
Tel. +393479041042

Micro4You website


Esae S.r.l.


Sector: Environmental Technology

Incorporated in: 2008
Activity, products and services: ESAE (Energy Savings for Agriculture and Environment) is focused on problem solving through the use of specialized technologies based on alternative energy, such as thermal management in productive sections; environmental photo-thermal energetic recovering; thermal management for single and/or collective sporting and residential buildings; permanent thermal watermaker and watermaking buoy; bio-reactor for algae production; fuel drawing from urban and animal wastes; water treatment; technology form slurry treatment and energetic recover; COGEA thermal (geo-supported) co-generation. 
Prof. Antonio Sparacino
Phone +39 02 289 2528

Esae website


Newronika S.r.l.


Sector: Neuroscience instruments

Incorporated: in 2008

Newronika acts in the neuromodulation field, through the adjustment of innovative therapeutic instruments based on recent scientific research information and by supplying specific services in order to optimize the use of these instruments by the final client (doctor or patient). In the invasive neuromodulation area, Newronika offers innovative deep brain stimulation (DBS) systems suitable for the treatment of movement disorders; on the other hand, innovative methods and devices for transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) applications represent the activities in the non-invasive neuromodulation area.

Products and services
Newronika offers:

  • FilterDBS: recording system for biopotentials during DBS
  • HDC series: portable transcranial direct current stimulation supplier
  • Biobank: web platform for back-up services

FilterDBS is used for basic neurophysiological research of an already well-established branch. The tDCS devices find research and therapeutic application for diseases such as Alzheimer, headache, pain, ictus, aphasia, multiple sclerosis.

Reference market
The potential market for therapeutic neuromodulation is very relevant as it places itself both in the widely diffused pathologies field and in the wellness field. The devices for primary researches can be used in many different international laboratories.

Eng. Lorenzo Rossi
Tel. +39 02 550 33621



Hpf - Nutraceutics S.r.l.

Hpf - Nutraceutics logo

Sector: Food Technology

Incorporated in: 2007

Activities, products and services: HPF-Nutraceutics develops innovative nutraceutics for use in the formulation of functional foods and integrators for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Attention is focussed on peptides derived from vegetable proteins.

HPF’s strongpoint is made up of the specialist skills of the members of the university teaching staff working in experimental and clinical research for the identification and development of new natural substances for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

The company offers its products and services to the pharmaceutical and agri-food industry.

Prof. Anna Arnoldi
Tel. +39.339 5085892

Hpf - Nutraceutics website


Vetogene S.r.l.

Vetogene logo

Sector: Veterinary Diagnostics

Incorporated in: 2003

Activities, products and services: Vetogene carries out research and offers services in the sector of genetic control for the health and well-being of pet animals.

Genetic analyses are provided for the control of hereditary diseases, together with consultancy in behavioural abnormalities of pet animals.

The company offers a high-tech service to companies and other operators in the zootechnical-veterinary sector.

Dr. Michele Polli
Tel. +39 327 4784 676

Vetogene website


Pharmafilm S.r.l.

Pharmafilm logo

Sector: Medical Appliances

Incorporated in: 2003

Activities, products and services: Pharmafilm designs and develops new technologies for the development of therapeutic systems for the administration of one or more active principles. In particular, Pharmafilm has developed the following three different patented products:

  • Rapid dissolving oral films
  • Bioadhesive microparticle systems
  • Adhesive hydrophilic matrix for the development of transdermal plasters.

The company offers its products and services to the pharmaceutical and medical products industry.

Dr. Francesco Cilurzo
Tel. +39 02 503 17537