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Courses of English

The most of the enrolled students, academic year 2017-2018, must satisfy specific English language requirements.

During the enrollment, students are required to upload a language certification in English, recognized by the University of Milan and taken no more than three years before, and attesting the CEFR level required by each degree programme.

Students without a language certification must attend a Placement test, organised by the Language Centre of the University of Milan (Servizio Linguistico dell'Ateneo di Milano -SLAM), between September and December 2017.


Language Certifications of English, recognised by the University of Milan

Language certificates of English recognised by the University of Milan

Language certificates of English recognised by the University of Milan


Placement test

How to subscribe

Students have to subscribe to the Placement test between September and December 2017, by using the Sifa online services.

The Placement test is mandatory. It is possible to be exempted from the test only by uploading a valid language certification during the immatriculation.


The Placement test is a computer-based test and lasts 60 minutes.

The test is adaptive (it adapts to the examinee's ability level) and consists of parts of Listening, Grammar e Comprehension.

It is automatically corrected by the system, that provides a CEFR level.

Students with disabilities

In order to obtain the compensatory tools during SLAM tests, students with disabilities or learning difficulties (DSA) have to provide a valid certification and to send a copy at within 10 days before the exam date.

What next

If the CEFR level reached is equal or superior to the level requested by their plan of study, students will fulfill the Obbligo Formativo Aggiuntivo (OFA), accomplish the accertamento linguistico or obtain the ECTS credits, depending on what their study plan requires.

If the CEFR level reached is inferior, students will have to attend an English course.

For further information:

by choosing the category 'Servizio Linguistico di Ateneo (SLAM)


English courses

English courses are held by native English speakers, or of equivalent level.

The courses consists of 60 hours of frontal lessons and 60 hours of self-study with the support of an e-learning platform. The English courses addressed to students of Political, economic and social sciences and Medical Biotechnology and Biotechnology will consist of 40 hours of frontal lessons and 60 hours of self-study with the e-learning platform support.


How to subscribe

The admission to the English courses is automatic, depending on the results of the Placement test.

Individual subscription is not possible.

The attendance is compulsory. It is possible to be exempted from a course only by uploading a language certification during the immatriculation.


English courses will be held in the second semester, organised on the basis of the Placement test results. The venue varies depending on area of study.

Final test

At  the end of the course, a final test will be held in computer rooms. Only students who attended at least the 75% of lessons (70% for Science and Technology area students) and completed the relative self-study part will be admitted to the final test.

In case of success, students will fulfill the Obbligo formativo aggiuntivo (OFA), accomplish the accertamento linguistico, depending on what their study plan requires.

In case of not passing, students will have further 5 attempts, even not consecutive.