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Refectories and other eating places  

The University offers a refectory service to all regularly enrolled students (provided they are no more than one year behind schedule with their study programme). The service includes an economically priced meal at university canteens and other eating places having a convention with the University (bars, restaurants and buffets).

The cost of the meal - which includes first and second courses, vegetables, fruit or dessert, bread and place settin - varies in relation to the economic condition of the student, from a minimum of € 3.30 to a maximum of € 4.70. Holders of regional DSU scholarships are entitled to a free midday meal.

Students can eat at:

  • University refectory, via Festa del Perdono 3 - Milan (centre).
  • Bar-Tavola calda and University Mensa, via Santa Sofia 9 - Milan (centre).
  • Bar-Tavola calda and University Mensa, Centro Universitario, via Carlo Valvassori Peroni 21 - Milan (Città Studi).

The list of all mensas and eating places and their opening hour.


Refectory card

For access to canteens and other eating places under university convention at student prices, it is necessary to present a special refectory card with microchip that indicates student identity and the meal price to which the holder is entitled.

The refectory card must be applied for before 15 December, using one's University or registration credentials to access the website -> Benefits (Scholarships, Accomodation, Meal). A specific competition announcement indicates the necessary income and merit requirements.

The refectory card can be collected as from 1 October at the Scholarship Office in via Santa Sofia 9, on presentation of an identity document. The card is valid from its date of issue until 31 December of the year after that in which it was requested. The refectory card can be automatically updated for subsequent years on request.

At certain eating places under university convention, such as hospital canteens, students are asked to present paper meal tickets which can be obtained at the provisioning office of the institution.

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