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Italian universities have enjoyed complete autonomy since 1989.
Therefore, each institution defines its own norms to regulate educational/scientific activities and its financial and organisational structure.

The central government of the University is entrusted to the Rector (Rettore) and to two collegial bodies.

The Rector is the highest representative of the university and has the task of coordinating, implementing and monitoring university policy.
The Academic Senate (Senato accademico) is the collegial body that defines the university’s operation and development strategies and coordinates educational and scientific activities.
The Board of Directors (Consiglio di amministrazione) oversees the procurement of financial resources, the administration of economic/cultural assets and the management of technical and administrative staff.

At the head of the administrative structure is the Managing Director (Direttore amministrativo), who coordinates the activities of the technical and administrative staff and applies the plans and objectives defined by the governing bodies.

Finally, there are the governing bodies of the various educational and scientific (Departments, Centres) facilities, which also enjoy administrative and organisational autonomy.