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The University of Milan has its own series of publications, the Collana d’Ateneo (Italian text), which illustrate and outline its history and its artistic and scientific heritage. The publications are characterised by their sophisticated design.  A second series, “Le vetrine del sapere”, was published by Skira in 2004.

Several of the University’s faculties and facilities produce publications that illustrate the various cultural and scientific aspects of their work. Many of these are available online.

Online Journals
Il Filarete (Italian text) 
A new series of the memorable publications produced by the Faculty of Humanities and published by LED. The series began in 1934 with the publication of Il mondo sensibile, Introduzione all'estetica by A. Baratono, which was followed by almost two hundred further titles, effective testimonies of the Faculty’s cultural history.

The new series was conceived with the aim of continuing to disseminate, together with the journal “Acme”, the most important scientific research results, but also to offer a small example of how modern technology can serve the traditional art of printing.