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Astronomical Observatory  

Terrestrial globeThe Astronomical Museum, run by the History of Physics Section of the Institute of Applied General Physics, is housed in the historic Palazzo Brera, in the heart of Milan.

Established in 1983, it preserves the heritage of the Astronomical Observatory, the oldest scientific research institute in the city, founded through the work of Giovanni Virginio Schiapparelli. 

Astronomer and science historian, senator of the Kingdom of Italy, member of the Lincean Academy, the Academy of Sciences of Torino and the Royal Lombard Institute, and particularly well-known for his studies on Mars, Schiapparelli was director of the Astronomical Observatory from 1862 to 1900.

The Museum contains: the Schiaparelli Dome and the Merz Refractor (1863-'65), as well as other important instruments, such as Reichenbach’s Repeating Circle (1808), Gauss’s Magnetometer constructed by Meyerstein (1835) and Poggiali’s Spectrograph (1865).