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Museums and Exhibitions  

The exhibition “Il Tesoro della Statale"The University of Milan boasts a precious historical/scientific heritage that includes the Brera Astronomical Museum, an integral part of the Observatory of the same name, the Department of Biology’s Didactic Museum of Zoology and the Museum of Paleontology, which preserves the archaeological finds made by the explorer and geologist Ardito Desio.

There are also numerous collections: valuable and rare books, materials, finds, tools and specimens of particular historical and documentary interest, originally intended for research and educational purposes, some inherited from the old institutions that became part of the University at the time of its foundation, others acquired in recent times.

Important resources for the study of the humanities include:

With regard to the scientific faculties, mention should be made of:

In 2004, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the University’s foundation, these precious treasures were presented to the public in the exhibitionIl Tesoro della Statale”. A catalogue of the exhibition is available, entitled: Il tesoro della Statale. Collezioni e identità di un grande Ateneo. (The Treasure of the State: the Collections and Identity of a Great University) The exhibition continues with a virtual tour.
Two other permanent exhibitions can be accessed via internet:

Simmetria, giochi di specchi” (“Symmetry, Playing with Mirrors”), permanently hosted by the Department of Mathematics "Federigo Enriques", which illustrates the classification of figures according to symmetry type.

Centro matematita, set up by the Interuniversity Research Centre for the Communication and Informal Learning of Mathematics, which has placed approximately 3000 images online, classified and accompanied by hypertext captions, a guided tour of the various sections of the catalogue and theoretical studies examining the possible use of the images.