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Research Centres  

The University of Milan’s commitment to research can be seen by the scientific value and number of its publications, as well as by its numerous research centres, which are classified according to the types of collaboration they engage in and the funding (public or private) they receive.

Projects carried out by Centri interdipartimentali  (Interdepartmental Centres) involve two or more departments within the University, while those undertaken by Centri interuniversitari (Italian text) (Interuniversity Centres) entail collaboration between various Italian universities.

There are also Centri di ricerca convenzionati  (Affiliated Research Centres) that are financed exclusively by private bodies and institutions, and three more centres - CEND, CIMAINA and CISI - funded by  the Ministry of Research according to a set of particular requisites, which are now going to be reorganized.
Furthermore, the University of Milan has entered into a series of agreements for scientific collaboration on specific projects and segments of research conducted by important national public research institutions: CNR, the INFM, INFN and the INOA.