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Egyptology Library and Archives  

Watercolour of Victor LoretThe Library and Archives contain the documents and records of five of the most important Egyptologists of the 19th and 20th centuries:

Auguste Mariette, whose 135 letters from 1850-51 are accompanied by copies of hieroglyphic texts and related comments;
Heinrich Brugsch;
Victor Loret, whose archive contains manuscripts concerning the Saqqara digs and the Museum of Boulaq, as well as notes, drawings, maps and watercolours related to the Valley of the Kings and diaries of the excavations of the tombs of Thutmose III and Amenhotep II;
Alexandre Varille, whose library comprises many valuable treasures, such as 16th-century volumes by Mercati and 18th-century volumes by Norden, as well as copious archives containing over 40,000 historic and modern photographs of Egyptian sites;
Elmar Edel, whose archive contains hundreds of pages of mostly philological notes, as well as drawings, photographs, facsimiles of inscriptions and approximately 300 letters.

A further acquisition was made in 2007, when the American Egyptologist William Kelly Simpson donated his letters to the University.

The material in the archives, and particularly Victor Loret’s excavation diaries, were the subject of a book containing many photographs, which was published by the University of Milan in 2004: La valle dei re riscoperta. I giornali di scavo di Victor Loret (1898-1899) e altri inediti. (The Valley of the Kings Rediscovered. The excavation journals of Victor Loret (1898-1899) and other manuscripts)

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