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Political, Economic and Social Sciences

The Area of Political, Economic and Social Sciences offers an innovative and stimulating combination of study programmes, thanks to the presence of the largest and most qualified concentration of social scientists in Italy - 79 full professors, 52 associate professors and 86 assistant professors - and the continuous research activity of its 7 departments.

The academic programme provides groundings in the disciplines of economics, sociology, political science, history, law, psychology and linguistics, as well as several specialised courses.

The traditional doctorates in Labour Studies, Economics, Sociology, Political Studies and Business History and Management have long been combined into the Graduate School in Social, Economic and Political Sciences, in order to provide an all-encompassing, interdisciplinary grounding.

Consult the list of courses, taking into account that each link will lead you to the Italian illustrative report of the individual course.

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Dean’s Office
Via Conservatorio 7 - 20122 Milano
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E-mail: presidenza.scienze.politiche@unimi.it

Office of International AffairsErasmus incoming
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Laura Carradori
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Erasmus – Enrolment to exams
Ufficio orientamento e supporto didattico - S.I.F.A. desk

Via Conservatorio 7 - 20122 Milano
Raffaella Petti
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Tuesday-Thursday 2 - 3.30 pm