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Dipartimento di Diritto Pubblico Italiano e Sovranazionale


Codice concorso 321

Scadenza bando: ore 12.00 del 18.12.2017


1. Economic Geography Workshop on "Ukrainian Economic Development: a Case Study"
2. World Economic History from Growth to Sustainable Development
3. The Role of Public Administration in Enhancing Equitable and Sustainable Development
4. International Refugee Protection and Sustainable Development
5. Legal clinic (modulo integrativo) on "International Protection"

Codice Concorso 249

Scadenza bando il: 01.8.2017


Nr. progressivo - Insegnamenti:

1) International Law and International Law on sustainable
2) International Law and International Law on sustainable Development. Legal clinic “Recent International Disputes  on SD in front of the International courts”
3) Constitutionalism and sustainable development. Legal Clinic on “Social Rights Protection in Multilevel Perspectives"
4) Sociology Workshop “Social Mobility and Social Inequality”
5) Workshop in Project management for sustainable development