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Egypt and the pharahos  

Egypt and the pharahos

Pag. 232, 2010, SKIRA
A cura di Patrizia Piacentini
Testi di Sergio Donadoni, Zahi Hawass, Glauco Mantegari, Laura Marucchi, Christian Orsenigo, Patrizia Piacentini, Elmar W. Seibel


IX Introduction Patrizia Piacentini

From the Sand to the Library
5 I. Egyptology Past, Present, and Future
Zahi Hawass
33 II. Fifteen Centuries of Books on Egypt Patrizia Piacentini.
Elmar W. Seibel
63 III. The Egyptological Archives of the Università degli Studi di Milano
Patrizia Piacentini

63 Tbc Edel Collection
64 The Varille Collection
68 The Loret Collection
82 The Quibell Collection
90 The Fraser Collection
90 The Brugscb Collection
96 The Brugsch-Mariette Collection
96 The Lüddeckens Collection
96 The Erichsen Collection
98 The Simpson Collectiorl
100 The Bothmer Collection
111 The Lacau Collection
112 The Botti Collection
114 The Egyptological Archives: An Active Research Center

117 IV. Turning Points in Egyptian Archaeology 1850-1950
Christian Orsenigo

117  Auguste Mariette: From the First Great Discoveries to the "Pyrmnid Texts"
128 The "First Royal Cache"
132 The Cache of the Priests of Amun and tbe Treasures of Dahshur
140 The "Second Royal Cache" and Tutankhamun's Family Tree
148 The "Karnak Cachette"
154 The Tomb of Tutankhamun
162 The Treasures of Tanis

175 V. Ten Letters from Nubia
Sergio Donadoni

The Present and the Future
199 VI. The Archives Go DigitaI
Glauco Mantegari, Laura Marucchi

199 The Photographic Archives
199 The Digitization and Cataloguing Project
200 Criteria and Procedures
203 The Online Archives
204 New Scenarios: The Digital Libraries
206 Future Developments

211 VII. What Is To Be Done?
Elmar W. Seibel

219 Chronological Table
223 Bibliography
Patrizia Piacentini
227 Index of Names and Places
Sara Mastropaolo