Modified Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNAs)


Structure: Department of Organic and Industrial Chemistry - University of Milan

Contact Person: Stefano Maiorana

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Synthesis of modified PNAs to obtain new molecules for DNA recognition using low cost electrochemical techniques. Specifically  made ferrocene containing molecules show high electrochemical sensitivity, and allow detection in a 10-8 molar solution of labelled PNA monomers.

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Already running exploitation projects

The project has been selected within the BIOINIZIATVA project of Regione Lombardia and Assobiotec.

PCT patent achieved  from the University of Milano : “Synthesis of organometallic molecules that can be used  as markers of organic substances”.

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Potential exploitation projects

Sale of the patent, collaborations for research and for bringing to the market the technology.

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  • organometallics
  • electrochemistry
  • DNA recognition
  • Biotechnology
  • Ferrocene

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