Vermouth based alcoholic foam (n. 159)

Field of use


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The invention concerns a hydroalcoholic foaming solution packed in an aluminum can. The solution becomes foamy after spraying, overcoming anti-foaming properties of alcohol itself.
The hydroalcoholic solution can be prepared with fortified wines such as porto, marsala, madeira, sherry and vermouth.
Further developments of this technology could be applied to beverages with an alcohol content up to 50% (from hard drinks to pure alcohol).

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The market needs new and different ways to offer alcoholic products to consumers: Vermouth Spray® is the unique alcoholic foam ready for commercial use. Furthermore, Vermouth Spray contains less than 0.1% fat and provides only 108.5 kcal/100g.

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Suggested applications

How to use Vermouth Spray:

  • stand-alone
  • aperitif topping
  • fruits and ice-cream dressing
  • garnishing  pastries and coffee products

The patented technology and product formulation can be further developed keeping the same foamy structure, through the substitution of the alcoholic base and aroma.

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Filippo Acerbi
Valentina Bessero Belti
Paolo Gottardello
Eleonora Uboldi
Stefano Farris

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University of Milan
CoDaP S.p.A.

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Legal status

Italian Patent Application

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For commercial and administrative information:
UNIMITT - Centro d’Ateneo per l’Innovazione e il Trasferimento Tecnologico
Università degli Studi di Milano

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