ADDF - Alzheimer Drug Discovery Foundation  

Descrizione del bando

Fill the critical translational funding gap between basic research and later stage drug development.

Four requests for proposal: 

  1. PRECLINICAL DRUG DISCOVERY: this program funds Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development (limited interest in funding anti-amyloid approaches). Areas of particular interest include: a) Repurposing – Testing drugs approved for other indications in Alzheimer’s disease preclinical models; b) New chemical compounds for Alzheimer’s disease; c) Preclinical proof-of-concept.
  2. PROGRAM TO ACCELERATE CLINICAL TRIALS: this program funds biomarker-based pilot clinical trials and IND-enabling studies to accelerate new drugs into trials. ). Areas of particular interest include: a) Repurposing – Testing drugs approved for other indications in Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials; b) Therapies addressing specific targets (see the request for proposal).
  3. The ADDF/Belfer ApoE Therapeutics Innovation Program: this program funds pre-clinical and clinical stage programs to accelerate the development of novel therapeutics specifically designed to target apoE pathological mechanisms.
  4. Conference application: this program sponsors, and co-sponsors conferences to stimulate new ideas and approaches in areas of interest of the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation.

Ente finanziatore

Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation

Attività finanziate

Research and/or dissemination depending on the request for proposal selected.


NB = a Letter of Intent is due two weeks prior to deadline for full proposal (except for Conference application). Inquiries with the ADDF staff are encouraged to determine the Foundation’s interest prior to application.

Templates are available online after registration:

Durata dei progetti

1. One year
2. Multi-year
3. One or two years

Condizioni di eleggibilità

  • No partnership required
  • PI’s salary is an eligible cost
  • the following costs are not covered: Indirect costs/Overhead, Publication costs, Equipment, Travel.

Entità del finanziamento

1. 150.000 $
2. Up to 1.500.000 $
3. Up to 300.000 $ (pre-clinical programs) – 1.000.000 $ (clinical trials phase Ib or 2a)

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Procedure interne UNIMI

  • Revisione proposta progettuale da parte Officina H2020: 16 novembre 2015

  • Budget form a Ufficio Auditing e Consulenza contabile ( 20 novembre 2015

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Documenti utili

Bando 4 - Conference Application


Bando 1 - Preclinical Drug Discovery

Bando 2 - Program to Accelerate Clinical Trials

Bando 3 - The ADDF/Belfer ApoE Therapeutics Innovation Program

Application Instructions


Budget Form

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