Grapevine protection

A.Y. 2019/2020
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The aim is to provide information on viticultural pests and pathogens, in detail:


infromation on grapevine diseases, their spreading patterns and to evaluate their economic impact on production. To know how to prevent its early event and spread applying suitable integrated pest management programs.


a) knowledge on biology, ethology of grapevine feeder insects (indigenous and exotic), as well as on damages caused to grapevine

b) build-up expertise on insect control strategies with emphasis on environmental friendly methods, IPM and biological control

c) Knowledge on the epidemiology of grapevine diseases transmitted by insect vectors and on prevention and control methods.
Expected learning outcomes
Course syllabus and organization

Unique edition

Lesson period
First semester
Course syllabus
The diseases of grapevine: a review of the main maladies of grapevine and in particular for those with epidemic pattern.

The sanitary selection of grapevine and its importance for the nursery industry.

The plant pathogen detection: the main innovations in serology and molecular biology for identification and characterization of grapevine pathogens.

Novel achievements for the containment and the management of the fungal diseases: the expert systems and their use for the disease management.

Novel achievements for the containment and the management of the diseases: new technologies and regulation protocols for the disease prevention and use of chemicals of lower impact for the environment.

Emergent pathogens and diseases of grapevine for Europe and other areas where grapevine is cultivated: quarantine regulation for grapevine material.
AGR/12 - PLANT PATHOLOGY - University credits: 5
Lessons: 40 hours
Educational website(s)
Monday from 10 to 12 am
BioProtection Group, Building former Patologia vegetale