Organic chemistry I

A.Y. 2019/2020
Overall hours
Learning objectives
This course aims at providing the student with the knowledge required to tackle all the fundamental problems of organic chemistry, with particular emphasis on the study of the chemical properties and reactivity of aliphatic compounds.
Expected learning outcomes
The student will acquire a good understanding of structure and reactivity of aliphatic organic molecules; he/she will be able to describe reaction mechanisms and to predict on their basis the course of unknown reactions; they will be able to formulate synthetic strategies for molecules of low complexity.
Course syllabus and organization

Unique edition

Course syllabus
The concepts of chemical bonding and atom ibridization will be briefly summarized, followed by an introduction to stereochemistry and conformational analysis. Then, the standard classification of organic compounds on the basis of their reactivity deriving from the presence of functional groups will be presented in the following sequence: alkanes, haloalkanes, alcohols, alkenes, alkynes, polyenes, allylic and other delocalized systems, carbonyl compounds, carboxylic acids and their derivatives, amines.
The student will be trained in solving simple problems of organic chemistry and retro-synthetic analysis of relatively complex structures.
Prerequisites for admission
Basic knowledge of General Chemistry. Elementar understanding of chemical bond and equilibrium theories
Teaching methods
The course involves interactive frontal teaching (48 h) and practicals (16 h).
10 additional hours of practicals and class exercises are funded by the CdS
Any Organic Chemistry textbook can be used for this course.
As an example, the following ones are cited. They should be used in the most recent Italian version.
- Gorzynski Smith: Chimica Organica, Mc Graw Hill
J. Clayden, N.Greeves, S. Warren, P. Wothers, Organic Chemistry, Oxford University Press- Brown, Foote, Iverson, Anslyn: Chimica Organica, EdiSES
- M. Loudon: Chimica Organica, EdiSES
- J. McMurry: Chimica Organica , Piccin
- K. P. Volhardt, N.E. Schore: Chimica Organica, Zanichelli
Assessement methods and criteria
A written test consisting of open-answer questions must be passed. Two hours are allocated for the test.
The test can be split in two sessions in progress.
CHIM/06 - ORGANIC CHEMISTRY - University credits: 7
Practicals: 16 hours
Lessons: 48 hours
Professor: Bernardi Anna
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