Comprehensive dental care

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
BIO/14 MED/28
Learning objectives
To provide theoretical and practical basis for the integrated management of odontostomatological diseases related to medical, surgical and dental therapy
Expected learning outcomes
1. The student is able to correctly describe the guidelines for the dental treatments in hypertensive subjects, in those with neoplasia, in those with cardiac diseases and in osteoporotic patients assuming anti-resorbitives drugs.
2. The student is able to properly conduct the interview with the patient aware of the need of not to interrupt him during the anamnesis and the detection of the clinical history and to develop an empathic relationship with him.
3. The student is able to list the main medical emergencies and to plan preventive measures for each one.
4. The student is able to select, based on his own perspectives, desires and choices the type of dental facility in which to operate.
Course syllabus and organization

Unique edition

Clinical odontostomatology
MED/28 - ORAL DISEASES AND DENTISTRY - University credits: 12
Lessons: 40 hours
Practicals - Exercises: 200 hours
BIO/14 - PHARMACOLOGY - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours
Professor: Manfredi Barbara
Preventive and community dentistry
MED/28 - ORAL DISEASES AND DENTISTRY - University credits: 2
Practicals - Exercises: 50 hours
Polo Centrale
Professor: Farronato Giampietro
Polo San Paolo
Professor: Cagetti Maria Grazia