Final Examination

A.Y. 2020/2021
Learning objectives
The learning objective is to provide students with methods and tools to apply the acquired knowledge and make decisions to effectively solve complex problems / situations in their field of study, collect and interpret data to formulate independent professional judgments, activate a effective communication on clinical, social, scientific or ethical issues relevant to one's profile and lear independently.
Expected learning outcomes
The student must be able to elaborate in terms of classification and speech therapy assessment, specific counseling and planning of an appropriate intervention project, explaining short, medium and long term objectives and related strategies aimed at achieving them in reference to clinical cases / paradigmatic situations of professional practice concerning the main pathological areas related to adulthood and developmental age. Furthermore, the student must be able to conduct an autonomous and methodologically rigorous learning process in the field of clinical and / or bibliographic design and research, which contributes to the completion of his / her professional and scientific training related to subjects closely related to the professional profile .
Course syllabus and organization

Unique edition

- University credits: 7
Individual study and practice: 0 hours