Internship (year 3)

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The aim of the course is to:
1. Formulate diets for different disease
2. Take the main information about clinical conditions from the medical records
3. Locate the main intervention objectives and result indexes
4. Analyze the intervention rational
5. Formulate some intervention proposals
6. Demonstrate organizational and interpersonal skill, interacting positively with team
7. Define the kind of intervention
8. Define the strength and the limits of new intervention
9. Critical capacity and job verification
10. Join to operational context activities proving reliability, availability, initiative and sensibility in multidisciplinary team
11. Research protocol in dietotherapy for different people
Expected learning outcomes
At the end of the course students will be able to:
1. detect eating habits in outpatient and hospitalized patients
2. calculate nutritional intake from recovery and eating diary in outpatient and hospitalized patients
3. measure anthropometric parameters in outpatient and hospitalized patients
4. evaluate nutritional risk in hospitalized patients
5. elaborate diets for different diseases
6. prepare weekly diets for outpatient patients
7. make assisted meal for patients affected of eating disordes
8. manage hospital diets
9. calculate BMI and daily energy requirements
10. do outpatient educational activities
11. do group educational activities
12. use tools (balance, statometer, anthropometric meter)
13. use equipment (BIA, calorimetry, plicometer)
14. make diet for endocrinal - metabolic disease
15. make diet for digestive system disease
16. make diet for liver and biliary tract disease
17. make diet for cardiovascular and renal disease
18. make diet for pregnancy
19. make diet for pediatric age
20. make diet for Parkinson's disease and neurodegenerative disease
21. make diet for oncological disease
22. make diet for malnutrition
23. use dietetic approach to artificial nutrition
24. research scientific articles
25. collect dates from medical records
26. insert dates and manage database
27. do descriptive statistical processing
Course syllabus and organization

Unique edition

MED/49 - FOOD AND DIETETIC SCIENCES - University credits: 30
Practicals - Exercises: 750 hours