Agricultural and forestry mechanization

A.Y. 2017/2018
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Following the course, the student will be able to get a satisfactory level of knowledge on the basic principles of agricultural and forestry mechanics, with detailed information about the machinery used and the mechanized operations carried out in the mountain agriculture and in the forestry, including several theoretical and practical applications concerning the correct coupling between the tractor and the various implements. The safety and the wellness aspects applied to mountain agriculture and forestry mechanized activity will be also suitably emphatized.
A good knowledge of fundamentals of Mathematics and Physics, and a general, but not detailed, knowledge of the agricultural and forestry tractors and machines and implements most commonly used in mountain agriculture and forestry activity.

Course structure and Syllabus

Active edition
Practicals: 16 hours
Lessons: 40 hours
Professor: Facchinetti Davide
1. Recall of the main basic elements of agricultural mechanics: work, torque, power and rotational speed. Friction. Efficiency. Transmission components. (1 CFU) 2. The tractor (details). Coupling tractor-implements and its suitability (2 CFU) 3. Methodology of the machinery use in mountain agriculture and forestry, in Italy and in the other countries in which the forestry activity is normally operated at a high level of mechanization. (1.5 CFU) 4. Safety and ergonomics in forestry and mountain agriculture operations (0.5 CFU) 5. Technical visit to a manufacturer of small and hand-operated machines for forestry, with execution of tests and simulations relevant to the main unsolved problems of workplace safety in the forest sector. (1 CFU)
Teaching methods
- P. Biondi (1999) - Meccanica Agraria - UTET, Torino; - dispense del corso disponibili su ARIEL; - appunti delle lezioni. - La produzione di biomasse legnose a scopo energetico - approfondimenti di filiera : esperienza maturate da Veneto Agricoltura sull
Lesson period
First semester
Lesson period
First semester
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