Applied geomorphology

A.Y. 2014/2015
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Il corso si propone di affrontare le applicazioni della geografia fisica e della geomorfologia ai problemi del territorio fornendo le basi concettuali e i metodi di indagine; si propone inoltre di analizzare le pericolosità e i rischi geomorfologici legati ai processi di superficie e ai processi endogeni; verranno affrontate anche le tematiche relative ai rapporti tra geomorfologia e risorse per quanto riguarda i rischi e gli impatti.

Course structure and Syllabus

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Lessons: 48 hours
Professor: Pelfini Manuela
The course deals with the applications of physical geography and geomorphology to environmental problems. Geomorphological hazard and risk related to superficial and endogenous processes will be analyzed. Relation between geomorphology and resources will be illustrated.

Geological and geomorphological hazard and risk: environmental hazard, vulnerability, basics of impact and risk. Land-use planning, cartography.
Hazard and superficial processes (meteoric processes, running water, soil erosion)
Landslides hazard and risk: mass movements and landslides;landslide causes; morphologies of the deposits, slopes stability, preventive intervention, monitoring activities, defence works.
Hydrogeologic and fluvial hazard and risk: flood risk; flood return time, urbanization effects, statistic prediction and zonation, monitoring, mitigation actions and defence works.
Coastal environment hazard and risk: geomorphological processes and coastal dynamic, , coastal erosion, defence works.
Karstic hazard and risk: geologic and hydrogeologic problems.
Morphological indicators of subsidence; subsidence: natural and anthropic causes
Hazard and risk in glacial and periglacial environments. Processes and events, prevision and prediction, prevention and defence works. Avalanches hazard, classification, causes and defence works.
Hazard and risk in arid environments: aeolic dynamic, mitigation works, desertification.
The contribution of geomorphology at the volcanic hazard and risk: morphological indicators, monitoring and prediction; volcanic risk in Italy.
The contribution of geomorphology in seismic hazard and risk assessment : morphoneotectonic and superficial effects induced by earthquakes
Geomorphological hazard ad risk in relation to tourist activities
Geomorphological hazard assessment and thematic maps
Geomorphology and natural resources. Natural resources: resource and reserve concept, renewable, not renewable and inexhaustible resources.
Water resource: superficial, underground and glacial water, issues linked to their exploitation.
Soil: soil erosion, desertification, soil defence works.
Mining resources: exploitation, environmental impact, environmental restoration.
Geomorphological landscape as a resource. Geomorphosites
Anthropic geomorphology: anthropic activities and consequences on geomorphological processes. Geomorphological landscape; anthropic landscape. Resource management and waste disposal
Lesson period
Second semester
Lesson period
Second semester
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