Biotechnology of food fermentation

A.Y. 2018/2019
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The course of Biotechnology of Food Fermentation was designed within the training course in Food Bioprocesses with the aim to transfer to the student cultural and technical knowledge necessary to manage the microbiological resource and the innovation in the Food Processes.
The student will acquire the biological mechanisms of food-associated bacteria that are useful for their application at industrial level. The student will acquire a critical knowledge for the design of a fermentative process dedicated to biomass, enzyme/s or food-related molecule/s production.

Course structure and Syllabus

Active edition
AGR/16 - AGRICULTURAL MICROBIOLOGY - University credits: 6
Laboratories: 32 hours
Lessons: 32 hours
Professor: Mora Diego
Programme: Lactic acid synthesis, analysis of metabolis steps influencing acidification time course; proteolytic systems of lactic acid bacteria, effects on cell metabolism and cheese ripening; autolysis in food related bacteria, molecular description and biotechnological role; production of microbial flavours; bacteriocins , description, classification, mechanism of action and their application in food preservation; Yeast killer toxins, genetic characterization, biosynthesis and biotechnological role; food-related microbial genomic, how to read a genome; genetic improvement of food related bacteria through food-grade procedures; metabolomic ingeneering of food related microrganisms to improve their technological attitudes.Students will be involved in tne development of a research project for a total of 2 CFU. The project will be developed experimentally in the laboratory of the Department of Food Environmental and Nutritional Sciences. Research groups will be organized to have a maximum of 5-7 students that will identify "project leader" for each group. A final scientific report written in English language will be produced by each group.
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First semester
Lesson period
First semester
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